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Benefits of Manuka Honey

Benefits of Manuka Honey

  1. Contains healthy and anti-bacterial properties
  2. Great for improving you intestines health and getting rid of bloating
  3. Reduces inflammation during physical exercise and relieves abdominal discomfort
  4. Helps the digestive system rebalance itself
  5. High nutrient density, which makes is a great natural energy booster
  6. Top ranking natural healthy alternative to common sports nutrition

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Made with Superfoods

Made with Superfoods

You should enjoy food at any time, also when on a bike ride, a run or at the gym. That’s why Boosta Manuka Bars & Chews only consist of natural ingredients and superfoods, such as cashew nuts, fruits and real Manuka Honey that will reward and sustain your energy.

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  • 100% Natural

    Boosta products are made with only natural ingrediënts

  • Made in New Zealand

    Real NZ Manuka Honey from real NZ bees!

  • Super healthy

    Gluten & dairy free and made without the use of preservatives, colours or flavours.


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When can I use the Boosta Energy Chews & Bars?

  • Before exercise:
    • The Chews are a convenient way to top up carbohydrate stores and provide some essential electrolytes. These are suitable for consuming right up to your exercise.
    • The Bars provide a great balanced nutrition profile and one 40g bar is ideal for consuming up to 30 mins before exercise
  • During exercise:
    • The Chews are the perfect product for during exercise. Fuelling varies depending on the intensity. If you are running a marathon we’d recommend 1 to 1.5 of the 40g Chews every hour.
    • The Bars are ideal fuel during exercise also. For a marathon we’d recommend consuming one 40g bar every 1.5hrs in combination with the Chews dosage above.
  • Recovery:
    • The Chews provide great carbohydrates and electrolytes for your recovery and consuming one 40g Chew 30 minutes post-race is ideal.
    • The Bars again have a fantastic balanced nutrition profile and one 40g bar post-race helps aid recovery along with a 40g Chew. The protein and fat in the bars help muscle repair.

What is so good about Manuka Honey?

Manuka honey is great for improving the health of your intestines and getting rid of bloating. It can help reduce inflammation during intense physical exercise and relieve abdominal discomfort. The honey contains a natural pre-biotic, which is important for nurturing the intestines’ good bacteria, and therefore help the digestive system rebalance itself naturally.

What does the Active 5+ mean?

The activity level reflects the relative level of antibacterial activity in the honey, 5+ is entry level and is common with what is found in the supermarkets. 20+ is very high and is a lot more scarce in nature, this is typically used in high care environments such as wound care where a patient may not be responding to antibiotics or other forms of treatment.

Some Endurance Carbohydrates upset my stomach, will Boosta Chews?

Good question. There is a myriad of products on the market. There are two distinct categories - liquid gels and solid gels. Liquid gels commonly contain preservatives such as sodium benzoate, along with flavour & colour additives. Due to the liquid nature of the carbohydrate system, it is a good source of sugars for bacteria to grow, hence why manufacturers use preservatives. Boosta Chews don’t need any preservatives and are naturally honey flavoured, coupled with the widely reported digestive properties of Manuka Honey – Boosta are confident that these products will sit well in the stomach.

My package has not arrived what can I do?

Did not receive your package? Please contact us via and send us your contact information and order number. We will check the status of your package and make sure it reaches your doorstep asap!

Allergens - Bars & Chews

  • Allergens - Bars
    • The Bars are gluten and dairy free, also free from artificial colour, flavours and preservatives. They contain tree nuts & sesame seeds.
  • Allergens - Chews
    • The Chews are gluten and dairy free, also free from artificial colour, flavours and preservatives. Tree nuts & sesame seeds may be present.

Are the products okay for Vegetarians?

Both products are suitable for vegetarians, as they contain no animal products. The chews are bound together with Pectin, which is from fruit origin, unlike gelatine, which is derived from animals. Because the products contain honey they don’t meet the requirements of Vegans (people who are vegetarians but don’t eat food derived from insects such as bees).

Will the Chews melt?

The Chews are made with Pectin, a natural fruit based setting agent, which is a non-reversible gel, therefore they don't melt.

I am a diabetic – can I eat these products?

If you are allowed to eat fruit, then it is likely you can eat honey. The Bars contain honey and no added sugar. The Chews are a multi-carbohydrate & electrolyte system to fuel endurance activities, as such are high in simple carbohydrates including some cane sugar. If you are a diabetic, please consult your doctor to see if Chews or Bars are suitable.

Can children eat Bars & Chews?

The Chews do not contain any harmful ingredients and are great source of Carbohydrates and essential electrolytes. If your kids can eat honey and lollies, they can eat Chews. The Bars are all natural and nutrient dense snacks. Many bars and chews have been consumed by the Boosta Directors toddlers and children.

Do the Bars & Chews contain Caffeine or any stimulants?


Where is the Manuka Honey in the Bars & Chews sourced from?

We use only Manuka honey sourced from NZ as this we believe is the highest quality with the best medicinal properties.

Where are the Bars & Chews manufactured?

The Bars and Chews are manufactured in Hamilton, NZ.