Boosta Marathon Pack - 15 Bars & 10 Chews

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The Perfect Marathon Energy Boost.

Got that Marathon coming up? Are you training for the big day? Make sure you are well prepared during you training days and especially while running or cycling a marathon or triathlon!

Limited Offer! Make sure you grab this Marathon Pack, shipping is FREE in Australia and New Zealand.

This Boosta Marathon Pack is composed by real athletes who know exactly that an energy boost can make a difference between winning and losing. This Marathon Pack contains 15 Manuka and Cashew Energy Bars and 10 Manuka Energy Chews. 

15 Cashew and Manuka Energy Bars

Boosta Cashew & Manuka Energy Bars are 100% natural. That means no added preservatives or colours, just pure and natural ingredients such as Cashew Nuts, Sunflower Seeds, Sultanas, Organic Apricots, Sesame and Pumpkin Seeds. What's even better, they're all bound together with delicious and super healthy Active Manuka Honey from New Zealand. 

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10 Manuka Energy Chews

One bar of Boosta Energy Chews contains Manuka Honey, balanced carbohydrates and essential electrolytes making it the perfect nutrition for an athlete that cares about eating healthy and natural. They contain more energy per gram than any other product in the market, giving you the maximum energy boost!

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