Cashew & Manuka Energy Bars - Box (20 bars)

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Improve Yourself the Healthy Way! 

Boosta Cashew & Manuka Energy Bars are the ideal nutrition for the health conscious athlete. Whether you love running, bike riding, mountain climbing or marathons, Boosta Energy Bars will give you the extra energy when you need it most. 

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The best part of it all: it's 100% natural. That means no added preservatives or colours, just pure and natural ingredients such as Cashew Nuts, Sunflower Seeds, Sultanas, Organic Apricots, Sesame and Pumpkin Seeds. What's even better, they're all bound together with delicious and super healthy Active Manuka Honey from New Zealand. 

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Forget about the chemical and artificial energy boosters during your favourite sports and exercises. Boosta Energy Bars give you immediate and sustained energy the natural way. Moreover, the Manuka Honey used in these bars contain a natural occurring pre-biotic which helps your intestines rebalance itself. It helps you get rid of bloating and relieves abdominal discomfort. These Manuka Honey Energy Bars are easy to eat before, during and after your workout or marathon. 

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